About John Ricca


I am a San Francisco Bay Area fine art photographer who uses the camera to capture a mood and visual experience usually associated with other visual art forms. In addition to traditional landscapes, I focus on natural and close-up images that emphasize shapes, textures, and patterns. I want the viewer to experience the emotions created by the photographic image, in addition to seeing the image itself.

Many of my images are reminiscent of impressionist, pointillist, and abstract paintings. For example, they include the pure abstract expressionist (Salt Point Study, Cuzco Door Abstract, and Swinging Bridge), the impressionist (El Capitan Meadow Impression, Pastel Woods, Shaking Aspen), the Turneresque (El Capitan From Tahiti Beach), the pen and ink-like (Leidig Meadow, Negative Woods), a mood piece (Alone Together), and the celebration of color (The Larval Form of Wine).  I have recently embarked on creating photographic collages from one or more images.

I have participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout the Bay Area and have a permanent installations in several restaurants, medical offices, insurance companies, and law firms.

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